About Me

Rishi SanyalI’m Rishi Sanyal, and thanks for swinging by my website! I’m an avid photographer based in Seattle, and I love shooting landscapes, portraits, weddings, and engagements. I also work for Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com) as their Deputy / Science Editor, so I’m pretty much immersed in the art and science of photography 24/7 – and I’d have it no other way!

A little bit about me: although I was trained in the sciences from a young age, I’ve always held a deep passion for photography ever since my father got me a 35mm film SLR to take with us on family trips. These vacations were some of the happiest memories of my life, and even then I felt an intense desire to capture that happiness and immortalize it through photos. My studies eventually brought me to Seattle, where the natural beauty inspired me to pursue photography more seriously – even professionally. After getting my Ph.D in biophysics, I realized I wished to bridge my two biggest loves – science and photography – to create content and tools that help photographers like myself understand and make optimal choices in camera equipment. I’m thrilled to now be doing just that at DPReview/Amazon, appreciating the rarity of combining one’s hobby and training to make a career.

Outside of work, I love to capture the vistas of the majestic Pacific Northwest in my landscape photography, as well as the moments of some of the most cherished events of people’s lives through my wedding/engagement photography.

Check out my portfolio here, and a blog will be coming soon.